In the early 1970’s for hams living in Waldo County to attend the nearest radio club meetings it was necessary to travel 35 miles north to Bangor, Maine. W1TJQ was discussing the long drive with K1BZ, and K1BZ said that they should have a local club right in Belfast. It was agreed that it was a good idea. W1TJQ (now K1FZ) did the leg work of organizing support and potential members. After a few weeks a meeting was held in W1HLT’s garage. Then the meetings were held at W1GPB’s sun house in Northport. After a few years the meetings were moved to the Emergency Preparedness Center. (Which is the current meeting site). The club started with a few hams from Belfast/Northport. From that day forward, membership has increased and has reached a peak of nearly 50 members in the 90’s from across the county. Like most clubs, the membership has shrunk to 20 more or less. We partake in various activities such as providing communications at river races, contests, help with the EMA Office in Waldo County, etc.

Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at 4 Public Safety Way, at the new EMA Building.

Mobile Command Post Interior View

Mobile Command Post

WCARA Repeaters  

WCARA maintains 3 repeaters in the Belfast area. The 147.27 is located on Aborn Hill in Knox. It uses a PL tone of 136.5 and covers most of Central and Midcoast Maine and beyond. The DMR repeater, 145.42, is also located on Aborn Hill. It is on TS2 and uses color code 12. There is also a Belfast local repeater located on the EMA office in Belfast. It can be found at 147.165 with a PL of 136.5.
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