WCARA is dedicated to promoting amateur radio to current and future generations. The club offers an incentive program to all individuals looking to obtain their amateur radio license which includes:

-2 meter handheld (HT) radio

-1 year WCARA club membership

Individuals wishing to participate in this program must announce their intentions of becoming an amateur radio operator and express their interest in this incentive program to a WCARA officer. Program can be redeemed once the individual has successfully completed the amateur radio license test and holds a certificate of completion or a valid amateur radio license.

Please contact a WCARA officer for more information


Apply for the License Incentive Program on line HERE

Amateur Radio operators come from all walks of life -- doctors, students, kids, politicians, truck drivers, movie stars, missionaries and even your average neighbor next door. They are of all ages, sexes, income levels and nationalities. Whether through Morse Code on an old brass telegraph key, voice communication on a hand-held radio or computerized messages transmitted via satellite, all hams use radio to reach out to the world.

More information on amateur radio can be found at www.arrl.org.

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